VaultifyTrade by Rambus
A secure, digital wallet for FinTechs and established banks.
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In 2016 Rambus—a public semi-conductor company—acquired Rotterdam-based software payments group Bell ID. Its Token Service Provider (TSP) provided banks, credit card issuers and online merchants with an API to tokenize user credentials and payment card details. In 2018 we set out to extend the use cases for TSP into a new domain: cryptocurrency.

We researched the crypto market to identify painpoints and brainstorm future directions. In the 10 years since inception Bitcoin, fast-followed by a myriad of altcoins, had seen astronomical growth but also wild volatility followed by trepidation from investors spooked by hacked exchanges, vanishing millions and black market activity. Crypto was still a shadowy realm.

Our research led us to predict that the two most important measures to accelerate productive, crypto market growth would be:

  1. Innovate crypto to become a better alternative to fiat currencies
  2. Add increased security infrastructure to improve trust in safe, convenient transactions

We decided to use our expertise in security infrastructure to support a new crop of Fintech ventures building innovative brands for millienials fed up with old-world banking.
Blockchain implementations have diverged on two, distinct paths:

1- public
2- private enterprise

The majority of cryptocurrency offerings (e.g., BitCoin and Ethereum) fall into the public category, which due to openess and lack of regulation has spurred wild-west dynamics, volatility and risk.

On the other hand, private enterprise blockchains sponsored by traditional financial institutions are more controlled and predictable but have struggled with adoption.

VaultifyTrade's solution is a unique hybrid—a secure, enterprise layer leveraging our signature Token Service Provider infrastructure to store tokens to a secure, custodial vault adjunct to public blockchains.

Our secure tokenization allows banking institutions to fence the cryptocurrency garden, to protect their customers' investments and encourage controlled adoption. Consumers and businesses trust their banks to facilitate crypto transactions and hold digital assets as custodial keepers.

VaultifyTrade is the vault that secures trade, offering an easy-to-integrate UI to simplify user experience, while keeping the heavy-lifting of tokenization and blockchain comfortably under-the-hood.
VaultifyTrade leverages the open dynamics of public blockchains,
secures investments with tokenization and spurs managed adoption.
Fig 2: Whiteboarding: Designing the flow

Fig 3: Consumer experience: Embedded UI for mobile
Fig 4: Banker Experience: Embedded UI for Desktop

Fig 5: Product launch and event promotion

Product Design Director
Jason Schmidt
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Framer Developer
Fabian Moron Zirfas
API Developer
Tolga Kavukcu
Event graphics
Jemal Diamond

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