Hi, I'm JSN
aka, Jason Schmidt—a software Product Designer based in San Francisco.
Jason Schmidt

I'm currently the Product Design Director at Harmonic where I designed and continue to evolve a platform for the enterprise video industry, from broadcasters and production suites like Comcast and Viacom to cord-cutting consumer services like HBO, Showtime and DirecTV Now.

Before that I founded a startup called Visualplant—an innovative platform for companies to encode, distribute and curate video.

Before that I was the Director of Product Design for Advertising Age regarded as "the bible of advertising."

In my formative years I helped Napster—the revolutionary music sharing network with their next-generation, consumer product—ideas which later surfaced in iTunes, Spotify and Pandora.

In between and along the way I've designed more than a dozen Web and mobile apps for clients such as Sony Music, Sabre Travel Network and a heaping handful of startups.

I'm hands-on, but I also hire, manage and motivate designers and UI production teams. I evangelize design process and get along well with my peers and managers. From top-to-bottom, I strive to deliver great design to pixel perfection.

In my spare time I play with bicycles, guitars, food, furniture, and ideas on how to navigate the coming singularity.

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