Hi, I'm Jason Schmidt
aka, JSN—a Creative Technologist, doer and leader based in San Francisco.
Jason Schmidt

In 2017 I joined Aktana to scale up the Design operation of an 80-person startup focused on a niche within Life Sciences. Our Decision Support Engine™ delivers timely suggestions powered by machine learning informing doctors about medicines for their patients. In my short time here, I've spearheaded a design system and revamped the design / UI dev process to serve a platform accommodating hyper-growth. We're hiring.

From 2013 - 2017 I was the Product Design Director at Harmonic where I designed the VOS platform powering the enterprise video industry—from Comcast and Viacom to HBO, Showtime and DirecTV Now—helping thousands of operators serve hundreds of millions of consumers.

Before that I founded a startup called Visualplant—offering a first-of-its-kind service for companies to encode, distribute and curate video for the Web. We scaled to YouTube-level traffic and made it profitable in the first year.

From 2002 - 2007 I was the Director of Product Design for Advertising Age regarded as "the bible of advertising." There I re/designed all customer-facing and CMS publisher tools to help drive 3x financial growth with a carefully-crafted balance of user-paid and advertiser revenue.

In my formative years I helped Napster—the revolutionary peer-to-peer, music sharing network—with their next-generation, consumer product. Many of our ideas for user engagement coincidentally;) surfaced in iTunes, Pandora and Spotify.

In between and along the way I've designed more than a dozen Web and mobile apps for clients such as Sony Music, Sabre Travel Network and a heaping handful of startups.

I'm hands-on, and I have a knack for attracting and motivating designers and UI dev resources to produce their best work for a mission bigger than themselves. I push myself and my teams to deliver stellar user experience, easy for users to learn, powerful enough to matter, and craft it to beautiful, pixel perfection in the stages of a continually advancing product roadmap.

In my spare time I play with bicycles, guitars, food, furniture, and ideas on how to navigate the coming singularity.

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