Redstar: Capsule
A marketplace for music albums reinvented for the iPad.

Fig 1: Splash screen
Fig 2: Discover capsules in the marketplace

Redstar is a company that creates companies. They match successful mentors with young and experienced entrepreneurs and co-found companies using a top-down approach to identify market opportunities. Founded by Jeet Singh and Joe Chung who built ATG and sold it to Oracle for $1 billion, Redstar wants to develop the next generation of successful digital product companies.

I was contracted to explore concepts for a new marketplace that would make music the center of a user's world. In response, I proposed a product strategy and designed a prototype to connect artists and users in an immersive music app using the iPad's ideal form factor to reinvent the "album."

Redstar logo

Fig 3: Product design and launch strategy
The product strategy mapped a three stage launch path (above) that would offer (1) tools and templates for artists to launch their albums as native apps (aka "capsules") to the iTunes app store. As the app-creation tools evolved, work would commence on (2) a custom music marketplace allowing consumer discovery and in-app purchases of the album apps. Finally, (3) all the album apps would be offered exclusively from within the marketplace app.

Product Design Consultant
Jason Schmidt
Managing Director, Redstar
Matt Beecher
Software Consultant
Chris Mollis
Software Consultant
Craig Miller

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